Pain & Mobility therapy is a branch of physical therapy that involves the use of mechanical force and movements to rehabilitate and regain strength after an injury or illness. Restoring mobility will not only restore the function of your joints or limbs, but also improve your general quality of life.

– Achieve the body you want from 90-100 minutes a week in the gym.
– Improve your ability to multitask.
– Live a long healthy life.
– Become pain-free.
– Solve long-standing postural issues.
– Discover what is causing your distended gut.
– Improve hormonal balance.
– Reveal the secret to transforming your mindset.
– Discover how to fall in love with the process as well as the result.

Exercise Type : Bespoke
Exercise Level : All Levels
Exercise Benefits : Improve and maintain the desired fitness.

Christian Thomson

Christian Thomson is a performance coach who uses psychology and neurology to remove pain and other roadblocks that stop people becoming the best version of themselves.

Growing up a dyslexic kid who suffered with asthma, anaemia and chronic fatigue syndrome so badly that if he sat down for too long he would fall asleep; Christian decided to find answers for himself rather then sit and accept his situation. Despite this, even after winning a world martial arts title and doing everything perfectly; eating, sleeping and training, his health was still a mess.

Discovering that exercise and nutrition were not the be-all and end-all of health, Christian now specializes in helping others to not only live long healthy lives, but become stronger and have great body composition all without spending their lives in the gym to achieve it.

Christian has spent the best part of three decades in training and has won world titles in kickboxing. He has trained with and under the best in this country and the world over.

He is only one of four people to hold his level of qualifications in Europe for a functional neurology practice called PDTR, as well as over 17 years of experience helping others become the best versions of themselves that they can be.