A unique gym in London SE1

We have a range of affordable memberships to choose from.
There are no contracts or any hidden gym admin fees.
Close to Tower Bridge and London Bridge.


If you are concerned about social distancing, then this is the gym for YOU. We have a booking system which allows you to monitor traffic if you feel the need to do so before you book a slot.

There is a maximum limit of 5 members per area at any time for your 1 hour slot. This enables us to manage the situation very effectively. So far, members who are back are feeling very safe and comfortable with the environment we have created for them.

If however, you are someone who is not on board with the pandemic restrictions, then this is NOT the gym for you.

We are all in a serious situation, so we need to be serious.


Free day pass

Come on down and join us.
We are only a few minutes walk from
London Bridge and Tower Bridge.
Hope to see you soon.

Memberships to
suit you

Great classes, fantastic trainers and the best atmosphere

Paola Galan

Thanks for a F.....g awesome gym

Dominic Woodman

The Hidden Gym is Banging

Mick McIntyre

This gym is the Cheers Bar of all gyms, I love it!

Suzy Harris